Saturday, December 19, 2009


Another round with Mr. 7/3/09. A totally simple affair. I thought I recognized the simplicity of his CL ad, and true to form, he responded quickly and committed just as quickly. Two emails later - the first of which said: "we've done this before", he'd articulated that what he wanted was for me to find his apartment door ajar and walk in where I'd find him crashed out on the sofa apparently asleep. From there, I was to simply suck him off and go, leaving him there still "asleep".

Whatever rocks your boat, dude.

I hustled off toward his place, as before, on my bike. Past the doorman and upstairs, as promised, his door was ajar. And as promised, there he was, crashed out on the sofa with an augmented tits straight porn hammering away on the TV across the room. Eyes shut tight.

Playing along, I tiptoed quietly over to him and knelt down. His lower body was covered with a blanket that was visibly tented. Nice. I carefully lifted the blanket, and there, as before, was his fat chunky cock standing at attention above his generously bagged balls and his thick untrimmed bush. Taking care not to use my hands (wouldn't want to wake my 'sleeping' target!) I started into blowing him, licking his weighty nuts and burying my face in his thick bush. He made not a sound until, a respectable few minutes into my efforts, he breathed several short, sharp breaths that made it clear: dude's about to cum. And cum he did: a boatload of thick jizz. Once again, not a particularly strong tasting shot, but copious and very, very viscous. Nice.

I slip out as quietly as I slipped in. He hasn't looked at me yet, unless he was looking at the top of my head bobbing up and down as I sucked him off. Out the door, down the elevator and I was gone.