Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! I don't know what it is about Sundays . . . but guys seem to need it on Sunday mornings. Especially this Sunday.

I'm horned, and I hit Craigslist first thing - seriously, I'm on the hunt by 8:00 am. And hit #1 gets a quick response. Sounds like just a simple request for a blow job from a self-described straight guy of 40. And nearby. Regular readers know I'm on that right away. We go back and forth for 4 or 5 emails, then he just drops away. I'm thinking he's got a better offer or some such thing. Dang.

Then I happen across another ad, also from a nearby self-described straight guy of 40. He wants someone to jerk off all over his cock, then use then cum to stroke him off. Nice. I respond to that, too: "Let me one up your scenario: I come in, stroke off and cum all over your cock and then suck you off and swallow both our loads."

Almost immediately, I get a return email from a recently familiar address: "It's me, can you do this now?" Same guy. One word response: "YEAH!" Moments later, I get another hit from another guy I responded to. Also calls himself straight, also nearby. Damn, my cup runneth over. And I recognize the email addy. I've sucked this guy off at least 3 times before. And sure, I'd do him again. But I have to put him off. Told him I may be available in an hour or so, and I'm very motivated. I'm hoping he doesn't get another offer before I can get back to him.

This first guy is way too intriguing, particularly as I'd done some research on him. His name was popping up on his email, and it was easy. Found his job. Found his Facebook. Found his high school and date of graduation (he was definitely not 39. Add 10. That's OK, it's the internet). He's Jewish. His nickname. Photos of him at a stock car race. Yeesh. Watch which email you use, guys.

I'm biking it today, and arrive all sweated up at his stylish downtown building. Doorman directs me up, and as promised he's left the door ajar. I just walk in as instructed. He's there, crashed out on the sofa, watching straight porn and sporting a big slightly spongy hard-on. He's wearing a grungy bathrobe which carries the logo of the local NFL team. There's an electric guitar in the corner. The apartment's nice, because it's new, but there's been no attempt to pretty it up. It's a guy place, definitely.

He wags his cock at me with a devilish grin. "Suck it." I don't need prompting, even though this gets off our planned squirt-suck-squirt scenario. But I can't stay away from this cock. This one truly deserves to be called a schlong. A true 7", moderately thick, with a big, long slim head on it. Cut, of course. Oy. Totally tasty. Nice bush, hairy balls. Little bit of gray sneaking into the underbrush. He smells slightly sweaty - not freshly washed, but a sweet scent nonetheless. He's vocal about his enjoyment when I get slurping on him. And he doesn't want me to stop apparently, as he keep urging me on. I'm sucking long and slow because I don't want him to cum too soon. This cock's just too good to rush. I'd be pleased to really wear out my jaw with an hour long suck on this one. But he doesn't last all that long. He gives me plenty of warning. My attempt slow things down my lapping at his balls comes too late: "don't stop sucking me, I'm gonna cum," he begs.

And cum he does. He squirts hard enough for me to feel it in my mouth. I stay on him for his prodigious load - not very flavorful, but nice and thick - and keep his cock warm for him as he audibly catches his breath. "You gonna swallow, man?" I take this as a request, not a question. I come up off him, look him in the eye, open my mouth a little and roll the cum across my tongue and swallow visibly. He smiles broadly, thanks me and tell me that was good. No kidding, buddy.

He's showing no effort toward getting off the sofa, so I stand up, tell him it was great and suggest that we might do the squirt-suck-squirt deed we'd discussed maybe some other time. He seems amenable. And I'm out the door.

And off to the next guy.


  1. is that a pic of the guy with the schlong?

    the whole lying around in a crummy bathrobe with a guitar in the corner working up his big dick is incredibly hot somehow.

  2. Yes, indeed, that's him. I never present anything around here that's not exactly what it purports to be.

    Readers: do you think that picture ought to be altered further?

  3. Great story (as always) Suck more dick, and then tell us about it please!!

  4. whoever he is, he looks good! and IA about using a different email address. geez, some guys can be pretty stupid lol.