Thursday, January 29, 2009


Out in the burbs.  Hit the forest park, the part that's open in winter.  Not there long before I scored.  Big black Jeep Commander.  Guy did a total double take as he went past me, so I followed.  Pulled in and parked, and I hopped right out to talk to him.  Maybe 55, married.  Not bad looking, but not something I'd want to take to bed, either.  But he was easy.  A simple request to see "what are you packing" got me a show.  Not big, but already hard.  Not shaved, thank you sir.   No pussy-footing around here - I got straight to the point and asked him if he needed a blo.  And he did.

But he didn't like the location.  Some other guy had pulled in about a hundred feet away.  He wanted to move.  That worried me that this was gonna go nowhere.  Still, I followed as he pulled out, and, well, we did go somewhere.  Just a more innocuous spot on the roadway parking area.  I hopped out again, and had to do a little selling this time.  He was a little reluctant.  Said he was concerned that he would make a real mess because he hadn't cum in several days, and he'd been playing with it for a while.  Like you consider this a problem, dude?  No, I didn't say that.  No, I told him the best way to avoid a mess was to have my lips wrapped firmly around you cock when you cum.  Promise no mess.  That got me an OK.  I made for the passenger side right away, and he clicked the locks open.  I hopped in, and went straight down on him.  Dude came extremely quick.  Like not even 15 seconds.  And he wasn't exaggerating: the load was huge, and my assessment wasn't thrown off by having a mouth full of saliva from vigorous cocksucking, either.  Not time to build up a mouthful.

I spat it out and asked him what was his secret?  Special diet or something?  he got a big kick out of that.  I have him a sincere thank you, and I was outta there, as he was too.

Ooops, I forgot to cum.  Actually, he wasn't interested in that.  Didn't lay a hand on me.  But still, I didn't cum.

So it was off to my fave suburban dirty bookstore.  Wasn't much going on there.  I watched a couple movies, but there was nothing worthwhile around until in walks a probably 22 year old kid.  To my surprise, he immediately took up with me.  Smaller guy, maybe 5'7", and skinny.  Sweet medium size cock.  Nice bush, but a tight, smooth body.  But the key thing was he was a sensuous little guy.  Loved when I nuzzled his neck.  Sounded like he was gonna cum when I opened his shirt and went for his nipples.  We fooled around a good 15 minutes, but I didn't want to cum.  Not quite yet.  And as fun as he was, he wasn't my type.  I don't think he was ready to shoot it yet, either.  So we parted ways in a highly amicable manner.  

Not two minutes later, in walked a guy I've seen before in the park.  He's a very straight looking, clean-cut guys, with stickers for his prestigious Catholic college on his spendy import sedan, and a big college ring.  Clearly a professional guy, and by his looks, the only thing missing is a sorority girl wife.  Indeed, it's kinda sad he hasn't got one, because he doesn't seem complete.  I've run into him maybe 4 or 5 times over the last 5 years, once before at this bookstore.  I always chat him up (at least at the park), because he's cute and clearly conflicted.  He may have shown me his cock once, briefly.

But this time was totally different.  He connected with me immediately, and followed me straight into a booth.  He whipped it out immediately.  Small, hard, and hairy.  He didn't want a blo.  He just wanted me to beat him off.  OK, no problem there!  Some good wanking later, he accepted my proposal to lick his nuts.  I went to town.  Nothing better than fresh, hairy nuts when you can't have actual dick.  He took over the wanking, he was enjoying the nut job so much.  After a few minutes of fairly vigorous work - dude's too used to his right hand, maybe? - he pushed my face off his nuts.  He wanted to cum on me.  Sweet.  He shot some distance, got a good squirt on my neck, more on my upper lip.  Zipped up and went without further ado.  

I was glad to have had a taste of him.  Someday, maybe, he'll drop his defenses and beg me to fuck him.  I hope.

It was getting late, and if I wanted to get to the gym, I needed to get home.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Extremely horny.

So I got on Craigslist.  Found: British Visitor.  Sounds good.  He wants me to suck him off, with a rubber.  Sure, why not?  Looks like a nice cock from the dark and fuzzy picture.  Of course, when I got over to his hotel, I found out why the picture looked dark.  He is of Indian extraction.  No matter, he's a nice looking guy.  Maybe 5'10, 185 lbs and 30 y.o.a.  Glasses, nice wavy dark hair.  Wearing his B-School sweatshirt and jeans.  Jeans with a pronounced lump in them.  Very pronounced.  

I reached for it, as he said: "there may be another guy coming."  No matter, I wanted to a taste of the sausage I had in my hand.  I started struggling with his zipper.  "You want me naked, man?" I asked.  "Yeah."  He actually sounded enthusiastic about it, though he didn't touch my cock.  And I was hard, and I'm big - fairly irresistible, in my experience.

He pressed for the rubber.  Darn.  Hoped he'd get carried away.  We got him wrapped up, and I started to work on his fat cock.  A serious (non-Internet inches) 7, and fat.  Fat from root to tip, and uncut.  Stood up with an outward curve.  Stood straight up.  Impressive.  Pronounced bend to my right.  This piece of meat is heaven.

"Knock, knock."  Damn, the other guy's there.  He's 30ish, blond, tanned, Polish.  Cute, but kinda distant.  Can't decide if he considers himself gay, but I'm thinking not.  He stips down and sucks the Indian guy a little.  Then the Indian guy wants me back, leaving the Polish guy to wank.  Which he does.  To a very quick completion.  I just stayed on the Indian guy.  The Polish guy cheers us to a solid finish.  A solid finish solidly contained in Trojan's best.  Damn, what a waste.

Meanwhile, I haven't gotten off.

When I get home, Craigslist has paid off again.  Hotel again, stone's throw from here.  I establish contact, and at about 11:00, I head over.  Big burly Irish guy.  6'3" and 240.  But in solid working man shape (i.e., not a manicured gym bod).  He calls himself Str8 in his ad, and wants a BJ.  Excellent.  In his darkened hotel room, I get down to work.  Tiny cock, but it fits my throat to a T.  I enjoy that just fine compared with a huge cock.

We work around to him sucking me as well.  Oooops, not so Str8 after all?  Gotcha!  He's a too-vigorous, swallow only the first inch cocksucker.  And he wants to 69 after a while.  He winds up on top, me working him hard, and he's beating my meat mercilessly, but artlessly.  He cums, big sharp tasting load.  He stays in my mouth while I finish.  I'm beating off with a cock, and a boatload of cum in my mouth.  This is great.

I cum hard, and spray a healthy load all over my chest.  Dude's impressed by my shooting.  He must not be a distance shooter himself.

There's no small talk, and I'm beat.  School night.

Somewhat later on . . .

Ah, the cam thing.  Had one guy from Craigslist who chickened out.  The bum.  I even had started drumming up an audience, had 25 odd guys wanting to watch when he bagged out.  The bum, I say again.

Now I've got another guy who, catch this, claims he's got a female fuck-buddy who might want to participate.  A female fuck-buddy who isn't his wife.  Wow.

Current status: he's interested, but reluctant for one reason.  He parks in my building.  He's thinking it might be potentially awkward.  Maybe.  And equally for me.  I dunno.  The ball's presently in my court. 

Think I'm gonna hit it back.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Wow!  I've discovered  Multitudes of guys (mostly) and girls (some) around the globe (many from South America, Italy, Germany and the UK, relatively few from US)  showing off sexually for one another.  Most are extremely dull.  Some are a kick.

This has possibilities, but I quickly realize that there's got to be more to a webcam show than sitting back and whacking off.  I know what I need to do.  Give someone a blo on cam for the world to watch.

Being a man of action, I promptly post on Craigslist: anybody want to get a blo on a webcam?

Guess my libido's sneaking back.  

Will keep you posted on results.


Damn, I'm coming down with a cold.  Libido shut-down.

1/2/2009 - later that day . . .

OK, so the taste of the Italo-'merican dad in the park was nice.  But I didn't get off (probably disappointing my goomba).  So, naturally, I hit the gym in the afternoon. 

Rather than working out, I hit the sauna first.  And scored almost immediately.  In the sauna, there was a guy I hadn't seen in a couple years.  50-something, in fine shape, but nothing special.  But a nice big dick.  Married.  (Are you guys figuring out I like that kinda thing?)  Was talking to another guy about playing the church organ when I went into the sauna.  He knew I what I wanted right away.  After a couple awkward turns through the steam room and the showers, he and I were alone in the steam, and without hesitation he showed hard (OK, not hard-wood rigid, but still solid).  Then, of course, someone walked in.

And after a couple more turns around, he and I wound up in the handicap shower stall.  He only wanted to JO, but I wasn't taking no for an answer.  He he wasn't giving out any no's either.  So with him standing on the bench in the shower, I sucked him off vigorously.  Fat dick, big plum head, and a real 6.5 incher (8 in internet inches.).  The only notable thing about the blo was that when I, holding his cock and balls from underneath, was able to slide his whole package back and forth and in and out of my mouth.  Big advantage to a not completely rigid member.  He came quickly, and shot a watery, weak tasting load.  Good enough for now.

I went and worked out and returned.

Funny thing.  I walk into the steam, and there's the same guy who was there (keeping me from sucking off that other guy in the steamroom) sitting on the lower bench by the door.  Still there.  Dude hadn't shown a bit of interest before.  Slightly scruffy, 30ish, not a gym body, but not sloppy either.  I'll do him, no problem.

I walk in, sit down, doffing my towel and letting my cock rise a little.  Just a little.  And it works very quickly.  He rises, and moves away from the door and starts reaching into his towel, clearly playing with himself.  So without much delay I walk over and stand in front of him.  He lubes his fingers from a stash of lotion he's got behind him, and starts jacking me vigorously.  I keep pushing toward his mouth - I'm standing, he's sitting at chair height - but he doesn't take the bait.  I'm alternately jacking his thoroughly medium sized dick, and stroking his amazingly leathery scrotum.  He's got a good touch, and with the lube and the steam keeping things slick, I don't last long.  He seems shocked and pleased by the quantity and distance I achieve when I shoot all over his chest and neck.  Dude, I haven't cum in a week.  What do you expect?

I leave promptly, feeling well drained. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Out running errands in the near suburbs.  Other Half (OH) is home, doing other shit and has an appointment.  Window of opportunity: approximately 1 hour.  MO: car cruising.  First sex of the year?

Yup.  Pulled into the loop park on a clear, cold day.  Few cars around.  Speak briefly with an older Eastern European guy, say 55-60, who wanted to flash me his nice uncut cock.  But then he said he wanted to get fucked.  Good luck, pal.

Then, ka-bam!  White late model Ford Explorer pulls in.  He dutifully parks next to the guy in the big tough-looking black SUV who really is only reading his paper.  I pull in down the row a ways.  He quickly figures out the other guy (who is apparently unphased by every car coming into the place checking him out) isn't interested, and looks my way.  Within 5 seconds, a nod, which I promptly return.

Then he starts backing out, and I think, ooops!  But no, he goes straight to a place on my other side, well down the row. and pulls in.  I whip around to his other side, pull in, and get straight out of the car.  I reach tentatively for the door handle and he waves me in.

He's a tall guy, medium build.  Clearly of Italian extraction, actually smells faintly of garlic, which I couldn't hold against him.  Cute in a really ordinary way.  Maybe 40 at the outside.  Somebody's dad, right down to the wedding ring.  He's vigorously stroking his hard cock through his jeans.  I reach, he hands it over to me, pressing into my hand.  I reach down his shaft as far as I can go, and it feels very long to me.  

A perfunctory exchange reveals he's (1) not into getting a blow job but (2) he'd like a handjob.  "Whip it out" I replied.  He quickly opened his trouser fly and whipped out a beauty.  Not as big as I'd thought, but nice.  No evidence of shaving, but a little trimming of his abundant dark pubic hair.  I really wanted to sink my face into it.  Looked sweet.  Noted a good sized dark mole on the back side of his cock - kind of a cool touch, eh?

When I turned to service him with my right hand, he quickly reached for my hard cock and vigorously, but with little finesse, began wanking me.  He lasted all of 20 seconds - shortly after I started in on him with firm steady strokes, he put his head back and with heavy breath said "that feels so good" and promptly began to cum.  He didn't grab his cock away from me, and let me ride him through.  Not a big shooter, all his jizz stayed within a couple inches of his cock.

I don't think I've ever given a blow job that went that fast.  Hot.  Stick with this blog and you'll learn that while I don't cum quickly, I find have a thing for guys who do.  

Without skipping a beat, he reached for napkins in the door bin.  I was so hungry, and he was so hot that I did something unusual for me: I turned quickly and stealthily licked some of his cum off my thumb.  Bland tasting, little aftertaste, very thick and white.  Sweet.

Hopped out of the car and the whole thing was over, I'm not kidding, in one minute.

I hung around  few minutes more, but nothing presented itself, and then a security car came though.  I'm outta there, back to doing errands having had a little bit of cock.

Happy New Year!  Cheers!