Saturday, March 28, 2009


Nasty stormy day. Good thing that I oughta find someone a block away who's 31, in a hotel and wants a no reciprocation BJ.

I get over there, he's about 5'10", 220, solid as a rock, probably Italian. Not pretty, but such a solid hunk of man that I was instantly taken. Wearing str8 guy athletic shorts & T. He says "How should do this? On the bed? A chair?" I told him anyway he liked it, and he dropped into the nearest chair and shucked his shorts. The cock was small, and the pubes were trimmed. Not an auspicious start, but like I say, I liked the look of him. I dove on his soft small cock, and started slurping happily. He was clean, with just a hint of his native crotch smell starting to rise. Very sweet. I sucked away for a while, and he didn't seem to be getting any harder. I went for his balls, try and relax him a little, and he pulled on his cock a bit trying to get it going. I sucked him some more, and he still wasn't getting hard.

He says, "damn, the guy's just not getting hard." I guess he calls his cock the guy? Works for me. He suggests we move into the bedroom, and I say to him, "anyway you want it." I shuck my shirt on the way into the bedroom to give him some skin to rub up against. I get back on his cock, but still no success. He acknowledges it again, and suggests he'd get hard if he could fuck me. "Sure, bud. I'll go there." We go back into some more sucking, then I just go down on his balls and let him stroke. That gets him harder, and I go down on him for a while. I'd say that was a genuine 4.5 inches, and nicely thick. Just small enough there was no way he was going to gag me. And when he's hard and stroking smoothly in and out of my mouth, he gets verbal and is definitely enjoying it. I try going slow, thinking maybe he's putting to much pressure on himself. But he soon fades.

He raises the ass fucking option again, and tells me he'll get the rubber if I'll get out of my jeans. Yes indeed! He comes back and rolls it on, gets me onto all fours and starts pushing his cock at my ass. He does a respectable job of rubbing my asshole, but never really gets in - it didn't help that he was holding his cock, and so his hand was getting in the way of his already short cock going deeper. He finally gives up in frustration. I think he's going to just send me off. And I'm not going to let that happen. No one fails to get off, or at least have a really good time when I'm on the job.

So I suggest: straddle my face, and I'll work your balls, and down lower (wink, wink) while you just beat off - no pressure. He agrees and he mounts my face. I'm fellating his balls like nobody's business, and moving lower. And lower. And lower. He's good and clean, and his ass is nicely hairy. I'm loving this. And he's doing much better. I crawl out from under him, and come around behind him to hump his ass and nuzzle his neck and pinch his nipples (which he really liked). He's pounding hard and fast, his hand a blur, and it's working. He starts breathing heavily and I swing my face down to his crotch. He wants my mouth, definitely, and leaves me plenty of room to get in there. He lets me finish him after pushing himself over the edge manually. He shoots powerful shots of really tasty cum. I stay on him as long as he likes it, which is a while. When we disengage, I grab the cup by the side of the bed and drop his load.

When I tell him what I'd really like is to make him taste his own, he giggles nervously and turns away. I won't push it. We actually lay back a couple minutes while I tell him that as frustrating as he may have found this, I still had a great time. I assured him he's a hot dude. And I wasn't trying to make him feel good - I really did have a good time. Yeah, he didn't perform like a stallion. But he was upfront about it, and glad to try alternatives. That was enough. Plus, he's a hot, regular guy, and I liked that about him.

Out of curiosity, I followed up on a hunch and asked him: "do you usually get it guys?" He allowed as how no, he didn't. As I figured. In very friendly conversation as I pulled on my clothes, he did drop that he was divorced. He remained naked, and I remained attracted. He picked up the cup I had spit into, and I noted how handy that was. He said that's the way he's always done it. "You don't wipe up with your socks and get 'em all crusty?" "Nope. Sometimes I even drink it down!" "Seriously?" "Yeah." I'm dumbfounded. Clearly thinks of himself as straight, but he's long been drinking his own cum? Wow.

I came up from behind him as he dumped the cup, and felt up his ass, noting that he'd liked that earlier. He stopped rinsing the cup and enjoyed it, and even briefly gave in and rested his head back against mine. For a moment, he relaxed.

So what was his story? I think that in fact he hadn't done much of this guy thing, and had gone into this experience a lot of expectations - mostly about how he'd perform. And that got him. I think he also wouldn't let himself really enjoy my body - he wasn't ready to go that far. And that made the whole thing difficult.

I told him again that I really did enjoy it, and if he wants more, he's got it. He reacted positively, though I don't expect to hear from him, given this wasn't easy for him. But goddamn, I'd love to get him relaxed sometime.


Goddamn! I found the electrician guy again! And he's just as hot to trot! Oh, man, I like this a lot. It was the same routine. Hook up at the infamous park, and take it to a less infamous place for the real action. I trusted him enough now that I left my car behind at the first place as he drove us out to the quieter spot to actually get it on.

Remember in the first post below that I wasn't entirely sure about his mention of the 'wife and kids'? I'm sure now. Just as we were getting down to business in the back of his van - he's sitting on a cooler, I've got my face buried in his sweet, well-stuffed crotch - his phone rings, and he apologetically says "I've gotta answer this." I kept my face planted in his groin, chewing the tight denim, and I can overhear a woman's voice, seeking guidance on whether to fix some food or something. He's telling her in a forceful, kinda disrespectful way that that's a stupid idea. There's a definite husband/wife dynamic here. He wasn't kidding. When he gets off the phone, he explains his parents are at his house, and his wife is thinking of feeding them lunch at 3:00 pm, which is apparently the stupidest thing he's ever heard. He just wants her to have dinner ready at 6:00. This guy likes to tell me about his life, I'm finding.

He fishes out his cock and I go to town. It's just as big as I remember. And it gets just as hard as I remember. F'n heaven, this cock is. He encourages me to drop my pants and stroke, too. And this time, I'm in the mood for it. I'm lying on the floor of the van at his urging, and I've kicked off my shoes and shed y pants. He's kneeling over me while I (a little awkwardly) blo him. But it doesn't take long for him to manuever over me and start sucking me. Just an inch or two, in proper str8 guy fashion. And he doesn't say he's gonna do it - I'm going totally on feel to determine he's blo-ing me. And meanwhile his fingers are starting to work my ass. This dude likes to play with my ass. He gets one spit slicked finger about an inch in. My mouth's full of his cock, and I'm moaning like a bitch.

"You want me to fuck you?" he asks. Like I'm going to say no? I breathlessly grunt out my ascent. He pulls out and repositions himself behind me, urging me onto my knees. He's rubbing his cock on my ass, and I'm about to melt. Somehow I manage to get together the strength to request a rubber. "Yeah, I think I got one here somewhere." He moves off me, leaving me submissively on my knees, and starts rooting around under the edge of the floormat. Out of a little spot under the mat, bingo, he finds a rubber. Dude's prepared. Except he's got no lube, save my spit. He really doesn't know what he's doing here. I wet him down, and help him slip on the rubber, and wet down the outside of the rubber. I know this is hopeless - a cock as big as his (see photo a couple posts below) is definitely not gonna make it up my ass with no more than spit for lube. This isn't gonna work, not without serious additional lube. But I let him try.

He gently works pressing at my asshole for a couple minutes. I moan and groan, because I'm loving it. He clearly has no idea how difficult it is to do this. But I let him try. He's finally good enough to realize this isn't gonna happen, and pulls off the rubber and invites me to start sucking again. Which I do with great enthusiasm. I'm still lying on the floor of the van, with him kneeling to my side, giving me his cock. He's urging me to get off myself, though he's not giving me any more head. After a couple minutes, he starts beating his own cock, and I get the picture and start wanking my own in a serious way. "Do you want me to cum in your mouth?" Like you need to ask, buddy. I moan out a yes, as I'm getting pretty close myself. He drips some cum onto my face - dude, for all his good qualities, isn't much of a shooter. And the taste puts me over the edge. I shoot a solid load, nearly neck high (work your kegels regularly, guys - it really works). Dude's very impressed by that, and urges me on. He's full of praise for my shooting as he gets me a napkin to clean up. I'm still lying on my back, breathing hard, and putting on my best inner slut I ask him if I can taste his cock again. He's glad to oblige, so I slurp on his softening member while I wipe up.

I pull my pants on again, and he's totally friendly, wanting to talk, wanting to tell me more about himself. I hear about his kids (2 daughters, a son - one of the daughters is dating a lawyer), the 20 year old Mercedes he hardly ever drives (bought new, still has kiddie car seat marks in the leather). I think he's got a little bit of social anxiety about being the electrician who's messing around with someone with higher occupational standing. He wants me to admire him. And I do, not least because of his beautiful and awesome cock. It's OK, dude, I'm into you.

As we drive back to my car, maybe a mile away, he tells me he tried to call me recently when he was in my neighborhood. I encouraged him to give it another try sometime. I want more, dude. Someday, good and slow (and well-wrapped and even better lubed), I'm going to take that cock all the way.


Day off.  Cock's my goal.  What else would it be?

Started working CL.  OK, this sounds good: married male seeks 3-way.  He's got someone at his office who'll play?  Almost too good, I think.  But I'll pursue this.  Boatload of messages back and forth.  Finally, he instructs me to meet him on the 18th floor of a partly empty office building.  Interesting, weird.  But I'm motivated.  Keeps telling me he's running late, but the other guy might be there.

And indeed, there's another guy there.  Maybe 25, hispanic, reasonably attractive.  I get off the elevator, he greets me.  Semi-dark hallway.  He's just gotten another delay text from the guy I've theoretically been talking to.  But I'm getting suspicious about this supposed third guy.  And rightly so - he just isn't materializing.  But fine, the guy who's actually there is hot to trot.  Wants me to feel him up, loves it when I rub the prominent hard spot in his trousers.  He whips it out for me - uncut with some quality foreskin, average length, a little thicker than average.  Pronounced bend to the left.  He's happy to have me chew on his foreskin for a while.  

He's skittish, though.  He'll only look at my cock.  And he keeps making like guy number 3 is gonna show up.  He wasn't a brief slow-down.  Nope, I'm not taking any more of this.  I'm gonna get you off, buddy, and end this charade.  So against his protests, I push him up again the wall and start humping him.  He protests, but he's still enjoying himself a whole lot.  I push him to his knees and try to at least rub my cock on his face.  No dice.  But somehow, I maneuver him onto the floor and proceed to dry-hump him 'til, telling me to stop, that he's gotta wait, he cums from no more than the excitement of being humped.  

He's annoyed that he's nutted on himself, but  my attitude is: FU, bozo.  Glad you don't like it.  He begs to see me cum, but I'm not gonna give him the satisfaction.  Sorry.

I'm in the elevator and outta there before he can pull himself together.  Weird.  Kinda fun.  But not again, thanks.

Note I didn't cum.  

Back home, I spot an ad from a businessman I'd seen before.  Sends out a pic of himself i a suit, standing on the roof of a high-rise, with a stupendous view.  Married, works near me.  We'd exchanged messages before, but hadn't pulled it together.  This time it's gonna work.  And yup, it does.  He instructs me to come to the doorman at the fanciest women's club in town.  The kind of place a lady needs to be born into.  OK, I'm game, but this is a highly unlikely scenario.

On arrival, I'm waved right upstairs to his office.  This place is so old-school they've still got an elevator operator.  Must be the last one in the city.  The guy I'm to blo apparently runs the place.  Wacky.  Getting to his office, I pass a room full of WASPy ladies taking tea.  Very wacky!  A secretary at a little desk calls the manager for me.  Oh, he's on the phone.  Please have a seat on this little lady-like chair.  OK.  A couple minutes later, out comes the manager ni question.  As billed, 50ish, wearing a nice suit & tie.  There's the wedding ring, yup.  He greets me with a handshake, and we step into his office and he closes the door, which has a large frosted glass panel in it.  The ladies having tea are just down the hall, and the assistant is at the desk outside.  OK.

He steps over to the side of the office, and immediately unzips.  His cock is small and soft.  But I get right to work.  He stiffens up slowly, and before he's really what I'd call hard, he nuts.  He hands me a kleenex, and thanks me warmly.  "C'mon, let's make like I'm going to go show you something."  We walk out of his office and into the stairwell where he bids me good-bye, and tells me he'd be glad to do this again.  I thank him, and act more enthusiastic than I really am.

Back on the street, I'm shaking my head.  Does this guy have a strong urge to get caught or something?  Wacky, wacky, wacky.  But fun enough.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


A Cocksearch 2009 first: a photo. Read on, I will explain.

Out in the burbs this afternoon. Watch out, local forest preserves, I'm there and I'm on a mission.

And this one was fast. I pulled in, and driving along the road spot a mid-size commercial van, though with no markings on the outside, and there's a pair of feet under it on the other side of the van. As I pull slowly by, I see a dude in tight jeans and a tight t-shirt. The look's not gay. It's '80s. A fly in amber, tastes set in 1982. Now maybe in his 40s, in nice shape, good looking. Just dated. He's getting back into the van. I note a muscular ass, strong shoulders. He's in good shape.

I pull in next to him, a couple spaces away. We immediately exchange glances that show we're paying attention, but no more. After a couple minutes, I step out (into 18 degree cold) and over to his window. He rolls it down, very friendly. "Damn, it's cold. I step out to take a piss and nearly freeze to death." He's in his later 40s, tan -- the real kind -- well groomed. Remember those tight, wide-ribbed t-shirts from the '80s? Yup. He was clearly the hottest, coolest guy in his high-school class, madly desired by female cheerleaders and in-the-closet gay boys who didn't dare even approach him. Conversation reveals he's an electrician, and he's got a killer working-class accent and demeanor. I'm so there.

His remarks about freezing his dick off surely gave me a good opening. "Well, I hope you didn't damage anything," I say, eyeing his crotch. He laughed, and I proposed he show me what he's packing. He declines, citing the public nature of the place. No problem. We banter on a couple more minutes, and I ask him if he wants a blo, and he gives me a grin and says "yeah". And follows up asking whether I like getting my cock sucked. Of course, Mr. Working Class Disco Hunk.

He doesn't like where we are. Wants to go to another, less cruisy park, one I'm not familiar with. Fine, I'll happily follow. I pull out after him, and note on the back of his van a small Italian flag. I've got your number, goomba, and I like it just fine. I miss a light along the way, and a couple minutes behind him, I pull up next to him and hop into his van.

We talk a second, both of us rubbing our jeans. He asks whether I'm "clean", as he's got a wife and kids at home. The wife and kids part is a surprise, give the tan and his well-groomed, sorta vain appearance. And no ring. I assure him, I only play safe. (Which, if cocksucking is safe, is true. But geez, if he'd read this blog. . . . ) I reach over to feel him up, but he proposes we move to another location, further back, given that it's busy here. I agree. It is busy here.

Back we go, me riding with him, and park. I seize the initiative and massage his crotch and ask him what's he packing? He unzips readily, and up there at the top of the blog was what I saw. My jaw dropped. This fucker was beautiful. Thick, flashy, fat, tasty. I eagerly go down on him. It got bigger and harder, so fat and thick that it stood straight up - impressive for a 40-something - when I came up for air, or when he spotted a car coming, which was rather often. This guy was a little nervous, given that we were in a van, parked facing inward. But I won't quibble with precaution out here.

I tell him, between slurps, that this is the finest piece of meat I've seen in a long time. He responds, modestly, that "I'm not that big." Oh, yes, you are that big. He hauled out some poppers, a totally spent little bottle, explaining that "the family" doesn't get to snoop around in his van. The bottle may be low, but it's still working. I plunge back on him as he reaches around the back of my pants and fingers my ass. I'm working harder, he's asking if I mind if he cums in my mouth, I grunt and groan, making it clear that his sperm would be quite welcome. He tells me he's close.

But another car pulls through and he tells me to get up. Then back to it, him fingering my ass more, inquiring whether I'd like to get fucked. I rise up and tell him yeah, but express concern that he's so big: "it's gonna take a lot of lube and a lot of patience, but I'd take you on," I tell him. He just smiles and presses me back down onto his cock. Then another car drives by.

A couple more cycles of this, and it's becoming clear he's not gonna cum - I think he lost it when the car went by and called me off. But before it becomes a burdensome situation, he takes matters into his own hands and strokes off quickly, letting me slurp on him as he pumped his fist. He was a dripper, not a sprayer. I got a good taste of his jizz - medium taste, thick. Nice. Kept his cock warm for a couple minutes after he came.

When I came up off him, he'd softened, but was still big. Sweet floppy piece of sucked dry meat. I slurp it in again, he tells me that feels great. I come up off him, and fight off the urge to kiss him. I don't think he goes there.

He's totally friendly after he cums. Asks if I'm gonna cum. Seems disappointed that I'm not, but understanding about how I'd been gagging on his cock and that took the lead out of my pencil, so to speak. Really friendly nice guy. There could be potential here if I want more.

He leaves his pants down as we talk. I tell him again what a great cock he has. He soaks up the praise, but insists he's not that big. I tell him, fine, maybe not that big, but still the finest piece of meat I've ever seen. (OK, maybe that went a bit far; I've seen a lot of meat, after all - but his truly ranks.) Flipping my camera phone in my hand, I jokingly tell him I'd like a picture of that beauty, and he's into it, kinda posing, moving his hand out of the frame. I tell him no, I want your hand in there for scale. He obliges immediately, and I take the pic above.

And sure enough, as we drive back to my car and I tell that if he wants more, he's got it, he asks for my phone number. Dude, absolutely you've got my phone. He writes it on the back of his electrician's union book. Sweet.

UPDATE: I ran into the electrician again! For an account, see above, 3/22/09.


Aquaman was another guy I'd talked to online before.  I'd answered an ad of his, and talked very briefly with him a couple times.  Once, I'd managed to get out of him that he was well disposed toward maybe a little roughness - spanking, etc.  The other time I talked to him,  I'd kept him in mind for several months, and here it was, Monday morning.  I'm phenomenally horny, and I've got the day off.  Excellent.

And there's Aquaman.  Nice.  I quickly close a deal to come out to his place in the burbs.  It's maybe 9:00 am at this point.  I tear out there and find his golf-course townhouse.   And per his instructions, I let myself into the house, go upstairs into a bedroom, and strip.  I get on my knees and await him.

He kept me waiting a few minutes.  Fine by me, I'm very stimulated at this point.  When he comes into the room, he's as advertised.  30ish, 6'3, 225.  Solid, reasonably worked-out.  Sweet.  His cock's soft, and smaller than the pics I'd seen - though it was the same cock.  Guess he's a grower.  He comes up to me, and immediately puts a leather blindfold on me.  Nice - dude's got equipment.  It consists of two pads over the eyes, and an adjustable strap.  Boom.  Darkness.  

I've never done this before, and I like it.  From there he instructs me firmly to start sucking.  I work him up into a nice errection quickly, and give him nice slow wet head.  He's very verbal, doing a great job of communicating what he wants, and how much he's enjoying it.  Excellent.  We go through several cycles of me sucking him, him telling me to lick his balls, or bend over for a spanking, then back to sucking.  He gives me a great verbal work up to his noisy orgasm, and blows a healthy load of very sharp salty cum into my mouth.  I stay on him for a while after he shoots.  When he pulls out, he hands me a towel.  Thanks, thoughtful.  

On my way out, he gives me a big bear hug, lifting my feel off the ground.  Urges me to stay in touch, which I think I'll do.


I'd been talking to Tater on yahoo for a couple weeks.  I saved his ad:

MWM Seeking to warm up with someone - m4m - 37 (Downtown)

MWM looking to find someone to help continue my MM education.  I have enjoyed is a couple 
of times and want some more.  

Me: 6'2", 210, 7" cut and thick.  Very clean and expect same.  Like oral and j/o, never analed but 
would be a top if we go there.

Who's ready to come over and get warm?

I emailed back with a pic, and he started rousing me on IM everytime I went online.  In conversation, I learned he liked to watch himself cum, that he wouldn't mind sucking some cock himself, but wouldn't dream of having someone cum in his mouth.  Sent me a pic of himself, little heavyset, balding, standing on a dock.  Big solid straight guy.  It all fit.  I was hooked.

I toyed with him a bit, mostly because we're in the depths of a cold winter, and I'm not always ready to take a 15 minute walk in 15 degree weather.  But one night, I got motivated to go meet him sometime in the afternoon.  I hopped on yahoo as soon as I got home, and sure enough, Tater hopped online.  And as always he was nudge, nudge, nudging me to come over.  This time I said sure.

I met him in the lobby of his building;, he told the doorman to let me in.  He was dressed in basketball shorts, t-shirt and sandals.  Just like his pic: built like a brick shithouse, every one of the promised 210 lbs. in place.  Not handsome, not fancy - but still a solid specimen of a man.  He had told me online he really wanted me to pull my dick out in the elevator.  I had consciously started myself into a turgid state on my way over, so I was ready for him.  I whipped it out promptly in the elevator, while nonchalantly asking "do they have cams in these elevators?"  

"I dunno," he replied with a grin, stroking my cock roughly.  Yeah, he's got the straight guy touch - where they take the term "beat your meat" seriously. The apartment's virtually empty - just standard issue cheap furniture supplied by the landlord.  It's got corporate apartment written all over it.

He immediately proposes we get in the shower.  Won't turn you down on that, Tater.  He's already good and hard.  Short, but very fat cock.  I successfully fight back the urge to tell him "lose 30 lbs. and gain an inch," but he's a definite candidate.  Nice cock, especially at one inch longer.  In the shower, he's all about getting his hands on my junk.  I take a short , wet slurp on his cock.  He pushes me back after a few moments.  Oh, yeah, he'd warned me: he's got a short fuse.  I told him I get off on short fuses.  (The love of my life still, at 48, is a blazingly fast cummer.  But I didn't mention that.  We're in 'curious' league here.)

He gets right down on his knees and starts blowing me.  Yeah, we're totally ready to get curious, aren't we?  And yeah, he sucks cock like a straight man, confirming my assessment.  Bobs his head up and down at maximum possible speed on the first inch or so of my cock.  This is not good head, but the warm water's nice.  Not wanting a lot more of his well-intentioned abuse, I stand him up and propose we get out of the shower.  He doesn't want to.  OK.

He moves quickly to soap up my ass, and start fingering me.  He's really fascinated with my asshole, but a bit rough.  He gets about an inch of finger in and starts rough fingering.  I'm wanking him.  To spare my ass, I pulled off him, maneuvered him around and started dry-humping his crack (well, no, soapy wet-humping), and he was eating it up.  OK, we're a big old bottom waiting to happen, aren't we?  Except for the wife and kids, of course.  

I propose getting out of the shower again.  Nope, he likes it.  OK.  He gets down and starts abusing my cock with his mouth, and my ass with his soapy index finger.  This is actually not bad . . . .  But he doesn't want me to shoot in his mouth, and I don't get off easy in BJs anyway.  I let him go a while and then told him it was my turn.  You're a quick cummer?  Good, that puts me in charge.

I got on my knees, and gave him my slowest and best.  He popped off in under a minute.  Big, sharp, tangy load.  If this stuff were cheese, it'd be a good ripe brie.  Nice.  I'd threatened in our IMs to make him taste his own.  But he pulled back when I went in to do it.  OK, that's fine, boy.  If we do this again, I'm gonna make you take it.  And make you admit later you wanted to.  

Since we're still in the shower, it's easy to spit out the load.  And that was it.  Out of the shower, dry off.  We talked about ourselves as I got dressed.  I was right, corporate apartment.  And yeah, wife & kids in the Southwest.  He spends Thursday through Sunday nights at home.  And is practicing to be a bottom the rest of the week.

He's fun.  I think I'll see if he wants to go another round sometime.