Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Oh, yeah. Trevor was fun. But I was out in the 'burbs. And that means the suck woods. Oh yeah.

I pulled into a spot I know is good. It's an unusual one, as it's just a parking lot off the side of the road, not particularly remote or anything. This day, it was busy - legitimate park use kind of busy. Very rare, but somebody had a big picnic going. I've no idea why they'd choose this place. But there they were, occupying the bulk of the area. I drove the length of the lot, and parked in the turn-around, just to check whether there was maybe something residual going on. Made a quick phone call and reviewed some email while I checked things out. I concluded that no, the picnickers were pretty much sucking up all the oxygen. Time to move on.

But before I could get off the phone, an older red Sedan de Ville rolls by with a younger guy in shades at the wheel. Maybe 30, longish dark hair, and a little heavy from what I can see. He gives me an unmistakable look and keeps rolling. I think I catch a glint of gold off his hand resting on the steering wheel. He drives slowly past the picnickers toward the front of the parking area, and backs into a space. Not even subtle. I followed, parked head in across from him and walked over, approaching his car obliquely to afford myself a view into the driver's seat. Yeah, I probably wasn't too subtle, either. At least not to a knowledgeable observer.

But my lack of subtlety was rewarded: he's got his hand in his crotch, covered by his T-shirt. Score. I stood, unsubtly, on the curb about 20 feet away - trying to look nonchalant -as he glanced occasionally in my direction - also trying to look nonchalant. After a minute or two he drew aside the T-shirt and flashed a hard fat short upward-curving cock. A thick, vital beauty. I walked directly over to him (he'd covered up again) and unsubtly asked him: "you looking for a blo?" He nodded yes, and then made sure to tell me he didn't do this kind of thing very often. Oh, so that's why you don't know any of the cues?

That's OK, though. He's cute and kinda guilty seeming in a really ordinary way. Italian, as confirmed by his (and his wife's) name on the stack of mail on the passenger seat. Yeah, I did see a ring. A short discussion follows. He's mostly mono-syllabic. But we agree this place is a little busy. He suggests we head down the road a ways, and I tell him I'll follow. About a mile down the road, he pulls into another parking area with me in tow. This place is fairly deserted, except for a number of cars backed in . . . . OK, I can read this. He pulls in way at the end of the drive, and I pull next to him. He pronounces the place too busy. I'm thinking he's going to get cold feet, but he doesn't. Later I decide he just didn't like the vibe.

He proposes another area, and I follow him off another mile or so. We pull into an area that looks quite busy to me. At least it's busy at the entrance area - loads of people getting onto a bicycle path. And at the other end, a boat launch. In between, though, it's very quiet, and he pulls into a spot which affords good views of the approaches. Very strategic. He knows exactly where he is. I park down a few spaces, and walk over to his open passenger window. He's cleared the passenger seat, and waves me in quickly. He checks repeatedly over both shoulders behind him, watching for traffic, then produces that sweet hard fat cock, showing off his heavy, thick untrimmed dark bush.

I go straight down on him and he promptly starts fucking my mouth with short, fast, sharp jabs while keeping up a running commentary on how he doesn't do this very often and how there might be this or that car coming and how we better do this quick. Undeterred, I keep up my labors on his cock, and as he gets more into it he sinks lower in his seat, finally bracing himself between the floor behind the brake pedal and his seatback and commences to fucking my mouth so fast that what he was doing would best be described as vibrating. He lasted for several minutes of that before he popped a huge thick load that had a powerful chemical taste. No other way to describe it. Smoker, I have noted. Maybe that's it.

I quickly pull myself together, pop the door and spit. I shake his hand, ask if he's ever been told he shoots huge loads (monosyllabic grunt in response), thank him and I'm out of the car before he can utter another monosyllable. As I plunk down in my car, he's already revved up the Caddy, and I subtly snag the above photo before he gets away.

Two in one day. That's the way cocksucking outta be.