Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Ah, Trevor. His CL ad was a rare one: he's 34, and specified that he prefers men older than himself. Imagine that. OK, I like imagining that, given that I'm over 40. And he's strictly wanting a massage and a blo. And he's in a blue-collar suburb of the sort that gets me all hot and bothered. I'm on this, big time.

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon, and he writes back promptly and enthusiastically, proposing we get together right away. Excellent, I'm there. I even have an errand to run out his way. I roar off in the direction of his particular suburb, and call when I get close. He answers, apologetically: he's stuck in a nearby parking lot with a dead battery - could I come over and give him a jump? Huh? I was here for sex . . . but OK. I locate him, sitting by a huge SUV with its hood up. "It belongs to a friend, he keeps it in my driveway - and it doesn't get driven much. I think the battery's shot." This is making sense again. And he's hot. 6' plus, a little chunky, rosy cheeks and curly hair. Wearing soccer gear. Friendly and sincere - an immediately likable guy. He explains he's got soccer teammates coming over this afternoon, so he wants to get going. We get his machine cranked up and running. I trail him through suburban streets to a well maintained 1960s ranch house, and follow in through the kitchen door.

The place has the feel of having been lived in a long time. The kitchen is tschoke'd up like crazy, something an older woman would have done - lots of cute items that do not look like my new pal's doing. The living room is similarly filled with furniture and decorative items, and a lot of very English looking reproduction paintings. Nice reproductions. But the living room also had a decidedly masculine flair from several hunting trophies on the wall - above a huge illuminated glass-front china cabinet. I'm confused. It appears to be his house, the way he treats it, the way he casually has a cocksucker over. And yet it doesn't seem to be the kind of place a soccer loving 34 year old guy would live. Working theory: he inherited the house, including its contents.

Upstairs, he selects a bedroom that's as full of stuff as the rest of the place. He undresses himself, leaving on his boxer briefs. He invites me to do the same. Dude's build like a brick shithouse - 6', 200 lbs, and solid. His torso had been shaved at some point, but his natural body hair had come back to about the half-inch length. I inquire whether he's got any massage oil, and he looks a little surprised, but steps into another room and returns with a big bottle of cheap - I kid you not - hair gel.

While he's out of the room, I notice the strangest thing ever. Not about him. It was the bedside table. I recognized it. I kid you not, I once owned this table - I inherited two of them, didn't like them, and sold them through a local auction house. They were overly frilly, not my taste at all, but of good quality and old. Not something to give the Goodwill, and indeed, I got a few hundred bucks for the pair of them. And all of a sudden, there's one of these tables sitting right here in front of me. I am sure it was my former table, as I was very familiar with it having cleaned it up and made a couple small repairs before unloading it. I resisted the urge to ask him where it had come from. But you want to talk about a weird random chance - of all the countless homes it could have wound up in, it's here, where I'm serving as cocksucker of the day? Just what are the odds of that, I ask you?

He flops face down on the bed and encourages me to go to it. The hair gel works unexpectedly well as a massage lube, and he's enjoying himself. As I am - I'm getting a serious hard-on. Once I've worked over his upper body thoroughly, I propose he lose his shorts. He slips them off quickly, and I go to work on his legs and ass. Nice meaty legs and ass. So far there's been nothing terrifically sexual about any of this, so I up the ante and let my hard cock rub in his ass crack as I go back to working his shoulders. No response, one way or the other. He doesn't squirm away, but he doesn't get into it either. This guy's kinda resistant. But hot.

Not getting any response, I suggest he roll over. And over he rolls, revealing a true 5", skinny, backed up by a thick but trimmed bush. Nice, even if not outstanding. I go face down in his crotch immediately, licking his balls and all the sensitive parts before going down on his cock. He's enjoying himself, but not vocally. The blo-job goes routinely - he lasts a solid length of time, but doesn't need to jerk to finish. He squirts a good solid load of sharp tasting cum, and courteously offers me a Kleenex. I'd have swallowed if he'd asked, but he didn't seem interested in that.

And that was it. He hadn't touched me. He remained very friendly as we dressed, urged me to come back sometime. As he showed me out, I commented that we'd beaten the impending arrival of his friends. He seemed non-plussed by that: "Ah, I'd just tell 'em you were a friend from the neighborhood." What a stud, huh? Ready, willing and able to introduce his cocksucker to his friends without embarrassment, even if he didn't appear to have any sexual interest in me - short of getting his rocks off. Interesting.

I want me some more of this.


  1. I don't blame you I would want some more of that too!

  2. And I had me some . . . will post soon!