Sunday, April 18, 2010

And there endeth the year!

Yes, guys. There it was. A year's worth of sex. That guy was my last cock of the year. I had a heck of a good time having all that sex, for sure. And writing about it has been fun as well.

But quite a bit of work, too. It became a duty, and that made it onerous. (Just witness the fact it's taken me to April to complete last year.)

So I've decided that from here on out, I will continue reporting, yes. But it won't be comprehensive. Not every time I get my hands on some cock will you guys be getting comprehensive details.

Will I be getting as much cock? Probably, or close thereto - but since I was at least in part doing it for you guys, I might have worked a little harder, or taken on some guys who were less than 100% exciting.

But from here on out, where a guy is 100% exciting you all will hear about it. Promise.


  1. Thanks for filling us in on the latter part of the year.. great stories and always get me worked up!!!

    Please continue to post when you can - you write so well, and the content is just great!

  2. damn

    and i remain jealous :)

  3. can't wait to hear more...

  4. hi. i like your blog. can we link blogs?

  5. Done, Mr. Hung. Great blog - promise to follow it.

  6. Happy hunting and belated congrads on the end of your documented year. :)

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  8. how could I find your email? married, fucking crazy-horny bi dude who would love to have copious amounts of fun with you!

  9. I found your blog yesterday. Read a few entries; great 1st person writing. Really cool that you carried it out for the whole year. I look forward to reading my way through your adventures. Hawt...

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