Friday, January 22, 2010


It should always be this easy.

Early morning visit to the 'burbs. Really early - my errand is done by 7:00 am. And I'm in the vicinity of the recently rediscovered bookstore. As I'm heading south down the big six-lane road it's on, I come to the bookstore and see its parking lot is all but empty - about the only vehicle in the place, a Dodge Dakota pick-up, is idling at the mouth of the parking lot waiting for traffic to clear so he can pull out. Darn, only one guy there, and I'm just missing him. I pull a u-turn and head back north again. The Dakota guy pulls out just as I round my U-y, and catches my eye. Yes, catches my eye. No way. That would be way too efficient.

But it's also way too good not to at least follow up. I wind up just behind him in traffic, then maneuver my way next to him at the next light. I glance casually his way, and he mine. But too casual to really draw any definite conclusion from. Good enough, though, that I'm not going to give up. I fall in behind him, and sure enough a couple blocks later he's got his signal on for a left turn. And he activates the blinker early, giving me plenty of warning he's going to turn. This is looking promising.

I follow him around the turn (and catch the above pic) and he goes on about a quarter mile into an industrial area. And then, again with plenty of signaling, he pulls into a parking lot along the side of a warehouse/office building and proceeds slowly down the long narrow parking area. I pulled to the side of the road, not being quite confident enough in my judgment to follow him. He pulls head into a parking spot, sits a second, then backs out again and continues to where he had to turn around behind the building. When he turns, he stops long enough to give me the idea he's looking. I plunge in.

On the other side of the building, I find him backed in in front of a freight forwarder's office. I nod, he nods back. My first clear look at him. 40ish, heavy-set, a working man. Married, with ring. Not particularly attractive in any noticeable way. I pull in and park. He nods again, and I'm out of the car and over to his passenger window directly. No games: just a simple "You looking for a blo?" "Yeah, hop in." As I haul myself into the passenger seat he says: "I thought you were looking for something back at the bookstore." "Pretty amazing we got this worked out, huh?" He heartily agrees.

He's got his hard cock out already, and pulls aside his shirt to show it off. "Nice!" It is nice. Short, but really fat. Cut. And plenty of unruly untrimmed pubic hair. He gives it a good wag and urges me forward. His crotch smells sweet and soapy fresh. Two minutes of good vigorous sucking, and some purposeful thrusting from him and he's spilling a big sweet load into my mouth. He thanks me heartily as I swing out of the cab and spit his hefty, tasty load. I give him a salute and thank him back, noting for the first time the kiddie car seat in the back of rear seat. Daddy needed to nut.

He dropped his idling truck into gear and was moving out of there before I even started my car. End of story.


  1. It *should* be that easy! :)

  2. Why do you (usually) spit out a load? After all that work, I'd be damned if I let all that go to waste....

  3. Well, nice to see we're getting readers from China. I just hope it's not the Chinese government hacking me because this is porn. Get over it, Comrades: Chinese are as horny as the rest of us.

    As to why I spit: it's really a spur(m) of the moment decision. Usually, I've got to be really into the guy. Or, if he's been fucking my throat really hard and has hit my gag reflex more than once, I may not feel like swallowing. And there's the question of how into him I am. If I really like the guy, I may want to swallow. I don't go into a situation thinking: I want to swallow this one. It's just something I do (or don't do) in the moment.

  4. so, have you fulfilled your personal quote of dicks for 09? lol

    what about 2010? new blog?

  5. Geez, I don't know what I'm going to do when I get caught up to the end of 2009's cocks and have to start reporting what's up in 2010.

    I was thinking of starting a new blog for 2010. Or maybe just changing the title at the top. I dunno - any blog-savvy readers out there who can advise me how to do that?

    But yes, I do think I met a pretty good quota in 2009. It'd be churlish of me to complain.

  6. I'm sure (hope) you're aware of this, but std infection increases when you swallow the load. Another good reason for spitting. Ideally, we'd be covered always, but...

  7. Actually the doctor told me its better to swallow then spit..the gastric acids in your stomach will kill almost everything